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Playground Ready To Be Put Into Use

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In order to promote the overall development of adolescents, the state fully supports the construction of a nationwide model comprehensive practice base for teenagers in recent years.

Recently, part of the project that JP is responsible for in the Zhangjiakou City Youth Demonstration Comprehensive Practice Base was initially completed and will be put into use. Projects built by JP include Rock Climbing, Giant’s Ladder, Power Leap Bar and so on.

Climbing Wall: The climbing wall grips on the rock wall are randomly arranged, and the challenger needs to use both hands and feet to grab the appropriate grips and climb upwards. This is an extreme sport that challenges will and physique.
Climbing Wall, Giant’s Ladder, Power Leap Bar
Giant’s Ladder: This challenge requires trust, support and communication. Two people climb up a ladder. The rungs get further and further apart making the challenge increase in difficulty as the height increases. Reach the top only by working together.
Climbing Wall, Giant’s Ladder, Power Leap Bar
Power Leap Bar: In this high ropes course activity, the challenger leaps from the platform to a suspended bar a distance away from them. As one of the more challenging ropes course elements, the participant must face their fears and take a leap of faith in order to complete this challenge.
Climbing Wall, Giant’s Ladder, Power Leap Bar
JP development is a professional manufacturer of team building equipment. If you want to build a Outward Bound Equipment, feel free to contact us.
Climbing Wall, Giant’s Ladder, Power Leap Bar

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