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100m obstacle course already completed in Beijing

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After 2 months of by JP’s hard work ,The 100m obstacle course had been perfectly displayed in front of the soldiers in Beijing .Everyone was very responsible and every detail was exquisite .Perfect and Congratulations.

The 100-meter obstacle course consists of a series of obstacle course equipment, such as cross-pile and horizontal ladder and so on.

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Each one was carefully designed by our designers with years of experience.With the training of this L100m *W4m*H2m 100m obstacle course, the physical and psychological quality of the soldiers will be greatly improved.For example, the cross-pile makes good use of the body balance ability, exercises the flexible jumping of the soldiers' body, and enhances self-confidence.Horizontal ladder is very capable of exercising the arm, climbing the limbs and enhancing the physical strength of the soldiers.
Here are some real-life pictures of the 100-meter obstacle course.

If you have anything questions about the 100-meter obstacle course, please contact us .
obstacle course, military obstacle course, confidence obstacle course

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