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3 Advice for Leisure Parks Post-Coronavirus Reopening

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On 11 May 2020, Shanghai Disneyland reopened after 107 Days’ closure, which became the first amusement park in the world to reopen in the wake of coronavirus. Though limited capacity was released, but more and more visitors will be welcome here.


That’s a good news for all leisure parks globally, and with lockdown canceled gradually, more and more parks will reopen. So are you ready? What can you do apart from sterilizing playground equipment times a day? Here we’d like to share 3 advice for leisure parks who’re planning for its reopening.

 amusement park, adventure park, Shanghai Disneyland

1. Get Your Website Ready.


When you reopen your parks, no matter indoor or outdoor, things are likely going to be far from the norm. And it’s advised to pay more attention to the following petals.


A. Booking Journey: Is it easy to buy a ticket online with your website? Keep in mind that your audience may have varying levels of digital experience, so test and simplify your booking system to make sure booking journey on your website is easy to finish.


B. User Experience: Make your site friendly to visitors by removing distractions when users are gonna purchase, clarifying purchase procedures by use of progress bar, showing vacancy of every time slot to show your visitor flow plan to our coming visitors.


C. Annual Passes: If you offer annual passes, it’s wise to extending the valid dates and inform your guests proactively. And open a petal for them to book online with clear passes balance shown.

 amusement park, adventure park, Shanghai Disneyland

2. Retaining your audience.


Social media is your biggest platform to engage with and retain your existing audience. If you can’t be open, then you can still be part of the conversation.


According to a survey conducted by Social Chain Agency, 45% of people are spending longer on social media/messaging services – where can you see that shift happening in your audiences? You may have limited time or resources right now, but you can choose the channel that works best for you now and focus on that. Effective social medias include but not limited to Twitter, Instagram, TikTok... Try to encourage your followers to generate their own video and submit to you, or start podcast to engage with your audience in a different way.


3. Planning for future.


We can’t assume that once this crisis is over, things will return to our past idea of normal. What’s important is that we move forward seeing this as an opportunity, a chance to experiment and make positive change.

Are live streaming on Facebook and virtual experiences going to become more normal for us? Maybe, but you can engage with different audiences all around the world with people that can’t visit your attraction for whatever reason at least.


Are your existing attractions attractive and safe enough for your returned visitors? If not, update your park in time with more popular one, for example, high ropes adventure, fun climbing wall, etc.


Anyway, take every chance to showcase your attractions nationally and internationally and build brand awareness.


Wish every park reopen smoothly.

Reference: Kelly Molson “3 things visitor attractions should focus on during the Covid-19 pandemic”

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