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A Fun Obstacle Course For Adolescent

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The quality education playground has profound social factors. Under the current situation of deepening education reform and comprehensively promoting quality education, quality education playground is an effective way and method for students' mental health development, and it is an urgent requirement of the times. Therefore, more and more quality education playgrounds have been built in recent years.

A quality education playground designed and built by Ropesadventure has been built and put into use. One of the most popular equipment is the road to the brave, which is a kind of obstacle courses. It is a combination of many projects. Next, pick a few of this obstacle course and briefly introduce them.

Hanging Pile: Participants arrive at the opposite bank by swinging the pile. The pile is very low from the ground and there is no danger. This obstacle course test participant's balance ability and limb coordination.
Obstacle Course, playground, ropes course
Aerial Nets Bridge: The operator reaches the next project through an aerial bridge composed of a rope net fixed on the steel structure, and there is also a rope net protection on both sides, which is safe. Cultivate the courage of the operators and enhance their confidence in facing difficulties and solving difficulties.
Obstacle Course, playground, ropes course
Space Time Traverse: It uses two columns to make the skeleton. And the outside is wrapped in a rope net and entangled with each other. The operator can get different experiences from different angles when passing.

The Road to the Brave is an entertaining obstacle course for adolescent. Please feel free to contact us if you need it. 
Obstacle Course, playground, ropes course

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