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Aerial Sidewalk: Challenge Your Trust

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Nowadays, to promote team work spirit in work and study, more and more organizations and groups choose to hold team building programs regularly. Among various team building equipment, the high ropes challenge course can be ideal for every group, because of it’s challenge, excitement as well as fun. Now JP would like to introduce one of great high ropes challenge activities to you: Aerial Sidewalk.

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This challenge is 12m high and and the rope is 6m long.Two challengers grab each others hands on two wires standing in the sky, supporting each other to walk through the V-shaped path.This high ropes course challenge requires team members to trust each other and build a sense of teamwork and cooperation. Develop a sense of mutual help and mutual encouragement. Our high ropes courses also give participants the opportunity to challenge themselves and enhance their courage and exercise physical strength and balance of the body.

JP Development is a professional manufacturer and builder of various high ropes obstacle courses, and if you want to build Aerial Sidewalk or other team building playground or adventure park for business, please contact us freely.We are professional!
high ropes challenge, high ropes obstacle coures, team building

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