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Airborne Recruits' Magic Weapon

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The standard of stacking umbrellas, the ground motion is perfect, the theory is firmly grasped, so that you can skydiving? NO! Skydiving is a high-risk training. As an airborne recruit, not only must all the parachuting ground motion training courses specified in the outline be strictly completed, but also have a strong inner heart.

At a certain base of airborne troops, a team with rich experience in psychological services conducted psychological training for the recruits, effectively shortening the training period for new recruits.

The training begins. He is quietly climbing to the challenge.
ropes course,climbing wall,obstacle course
This is the most challenging ropes course for recruits. Whether it can be grasped is not the most important, as long as you jump, you will defeat yourself.
ropes course,climbing wall,obstacle course
Vine Walk: Participant will need to cross a single foot cable with the use of hand vines and the slack in the hand vines provide quite a larger challenge.
ropes course,climbing wall,obstacle course
Plank bridge: It provides a series of plank to play. Participants move forward with holding safe belay. It is a great activity for balance and confidence.
ropes course,climbing wall,obstacle course
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