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Highlights of Building Your Own Climbing Wall

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It is fun and challenging to build a climbing wall. You are sure to find it a rewarding experience in itself, and you will get many benefits from your climbing wall for years to come. A home climbing wall does not need to be complex. You can get an excellent workout on a straight or slightly overhung, straight floor-to-ceiling wall. Here are some Highlights of Building Your Own Climbing Wall for your reference:

Planning. In this phase you define your training objectives. Based on your objectives, you decide on the wall's shape, size and features. Blend the actual location, budget, and your construction expertise together to develop a mental picture. Construct a model and some basic working drawings. Develop a working estimate of construction cost and time. The planning phase ends with a "go, no-go" decision based on the cost and time estimate.
Designing. During design you calculate a specific bill of materials, exact costs, determine specific cut angles, type of joints, support framework, loads and stresses, etc. During the design phase you must clear any technical hurdles before the sawdust starts flying.
Construction. This phase could be the most fun, or the most frustrating. If you have done careful planning and design, the construction will go much smoother.
Finishing. This is the final phase before cranking the holds on. The finishing includes preparing the surface for paint, application, sand texture, and adding a fallzone.

Hope the info above are helpful for you. And if you need a professional manufacturer to build climbing gym or climbing playground, feel free to contact us.

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