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Climbing Wall Materials

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Climbing wall can be in general made of plywood or glass reinforced polyester material. Today, let’s talk about the plywood climbing walls. Plywood climbing walls have flat or carved surface and are mostly suitable for indoor use. But the climbing surface, when it is coated with a special glaze, gives a feeling of climbing on the rock-like surface.

Sand glazed plywood surface

Special sandglaze mimics natural friction, that comes from rock surface characteristic. In addition to using footholds, such surface can be used also for stepping directly on the climbing panel with the climbing shoes because of excellent friction.

climbing wall, climbing structure
Carved plywood surface
Despite plywood climbing panels have most of the times flat surface, its morphology can be changed by carving micro shapes into the plywood.
Climbing on such surface will become even more challenging. Such technique it is used especially at low/boulder climbing walls, where these in-cuts are used instead of footholds.
climbing wall, climbing structure
Coloured plywood surface
At the customer´s request we can make just coloured climbing surface, without using any of glaze. Such climbing surface is appropriate especially for kid´s climbing walls, because the climbing surface is more smooth and skin friendly. The choice of colors and different patterns is up to the customer.
climbing wall, climbing structure
Printed plywood surface
Climbing will be even more challenging for children, if the surface is printed with attractive motives. Photos, cartoon heroes, didactic motives…can be used.
climbing wall, climbing structure
Any question about JP Climbing Walls’ material, feel free to contact us.

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