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Climbing Wall Tips

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The climbing wall movement originated in the former Soviet Union in the 1950s and existed as a military training program in the military. The competitive climbing wall project has been listed by the International Olympic Committee as a candidate for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Climbing wall integrates fitness, entertainment and competition. It requires athletes to have the courage and tenacity and perseverance, and also needs good flexibility, rhythm and rock climbing skills, so that they can skillfully at different heights and angles.
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Climbing wall is also a mountaineering sport. The climbing objects are mainly rock cliffs or artificial rock walls.

When climbing, you don't need tools. You only need to balance the movements of your hands and feet and your body. The hands and arms should use various methods according to the fulcrum, such as grasping, holding, hanging, squatting, pushing, pushing, pressing, etc. Both strength and physical flexibility are required.
climbing wall,ropes course, amusement park
Wear safety belts and protective ropes when climbing to avoid danger. Climbing equipment is divided into personal equipment and climbing equipment. Personal equipment refers to seat belts, dropper, safety locks, rope sets, safety helmets, rock climbing shoes, magnesium powder and powder bags. Other equipment includes backpacks, sleeping gear, cookware, stoves , knives, lighters and other appliances.

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climbing wall,ropes course, amusement park

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