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Congratulations Abdulla Whose Climbing Wall Will be Ready!

Date: 2021-06-08 Share Us:

 Our customer Abdulla from Bahrain sent us a picture of the climbing wall construction process yesterday, it is close to finish! So fast progress! Congratulations to him!

Because of his existing climbing wall can not meet the needs of their local customers half year ago, they decided to buy climbing wall panels and added them to the other side of the original steel frame to meet customer needs, although he got many solutions from several suppliers, in the end, our modular assembly production solution impressed him and finally worked together.

At the beginning, whether the installation can be matched his existing steel frame is a point of concern, now the fact proves our modular climbing wall made it easier on installation, no welding on-site also saved more cost for him, it surprised him, and now he plans to build another bouldering wall to use our panel and steel frame completely, will keep updating the progress in the future.

JP has a very mature series of advanced technologies from design, manufacture to installation. Because we continue to develop our craftsmanship spirit and devote into this filed of climbing wall, so we have achieved market-leading results. Welcome to consult and get the latest quote!

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