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Construction of Training Projects for the PLA Soldiers

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In order to improve the combat effectiveness of PLA troops, it is necessary to make training systematic, standardized and scientific through training equipment. The training program that JP has built in a PLA troops has been put into use in the previous period.

High ropes course: these challenges has a certain degree of difficulty, performance in the psychological test, participants need to challenge their own ability limits and cross the "limits."
high ropes courses, obstacle course, climbing wall
Analog grid and Graduation wall: It can train the team to investigate and study before the action, and carefully plan the work style. Cultivate team spirit: Everyone thinks ways, rationally divides labor, and solves problems efficiently.

Trust back fall: Test the trust between the soldiers, trust is the basis of cooperation, and with the confidence of the soldiers, better cooperation in combat.
high ropes courses, obstacle course, climbing wall
Hundred meters obstacle course: It consists of a series of obstacle course equipment, such as high wall and wooden bridge and so on. These are used to train soldiers in physical, daring and tactical skills. For example, high wall is used to exercise arm strength and limbs to coordinate climbing ability.

JP Development is a professional manufacturer and builder of various high ropes courses and obstacle course, if you have any need for this, please feel free to contact us.
high ropes courses, obstacle course, climbing wall

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