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How To Build a Psychological Behavior Training Ground

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I believe many people have heard about psychological behavior training. So what exactly is psychological behavior training? How should the psychological behavior training ground be built?

Psychological behavior training is a training method that hone people's will. By challenging some extreme training courses, the trainees will stimulate their potential and temper their psychological will after a period of training. Psychological behavior training and outward bound training have similarities, but because of the different training purposes, the focus of the project setting and the training method are also different.

Public Security Police School: The psychological behavior training equipment of the public security police school is mainly in the form of a polyhedral combination with climbing wall. There is no fixed shape, and it is designed separately according to the actual site and capital budget of the customer.
climbing wall, ropes course,high aerial project
Fire brigade: Because of the special nature of their rescue, fire protection systems generally involve high aerial rescue, so high aerial projects and climbing wall are the main subjects of their training.
climbing wall, ropes course,high aerial project
Armed Police: In the armed police system, the psychological behavior training equipment contains a total of 19 high-altitude projects. The advantages of the equipment are many projects, small land occupation and strong continuity. At the same time, according to customer needs, JP has newly launched a training frame with 30 projects. There are more projects and covers all aspects. Incorporating physical training and skill training while meeting psychological training.
climbing wall, ropes course,high aerial project
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