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How to Customize Your High Ropes Course?

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Enabling participants to grow both team spirit and individual courage, a high ropes course, also named challenge ropes course, adventure ropes course, is always your first choice to enrich your amusement/adventure attractions, no matter what your site is, including trampoline park, shopping mall, playground, adventure park, theme park, family entertainment center, school, hotel, resort, canteen, zoo, etc.

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However, most amusement/adventure attractions’ owners are troubled with how to customize the high ropes course to fit their project. Now, let JP give you some advice. According to JP’s years of designing experience, we usually customize the high ropes course mainly from the following aspects:

1.Target Audience
To customized your high ropes course, making sure what your target audience is necessary. Your high ropes course’ function is subject to the target audience’s features and demands, for example, when your high ropes course aims to serve kids under 4 years, then you should choose challenge elements easy to finish, and the course height shouldn’t be high so parents have chances to accompany kids when challenging.
build high ropes, high ropes, ropes course design
2.Project Site
This factor refers to where the high ropes course will locate and how about site’s condition, including indoor or outdoor, size including length, width, and height, ground materials and surroundings, etc. All the information will affect how your high ropes course will be designed, such as layout, layers, and so on.
build high ropes, high ropes, ropes course design
3.Customer Flow
Customer flow matters how many challenge elements you should offer to make your customers able to play at the same time, and the high elements number subject to the high ropes course’ layout and layers. Take a 1-layer trapezoidal ropes course as example, you can add at most 7 high elements to it, if we do not consider affiliated activities, including climbing wall, water drop net, zip line, flying fox, etc. And usually we estimate that 7-14 participants play with the 7 high elements is ideal.
build high ropes, high ropes, ropes course design
Knowing what your target audience is and how many high obstacles elements with various challenge level you want to place, it will be annoying if your budget is not enough. So before designing your high ropes course, clarifying how much your budget is is critical.

Adding a high ropes course will certainly bring popularity again to your existing amusement attractions, but it’s really important to taking all the questions above into account before customizing the high ropes. JP supply tailor-made ropes course worldwide, so if you have any question scheming your high adventure course, just contact us freely. Let’s be a wise high ropes designer together.
build high ropes, high ropes, ropes course design

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