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How to do Great Wall Team Building Games?

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A good team building game is featured with indispensable team work, joy generated from cooperation, and moderate challenge level, etc. Among thousands of outbound games, the Great Wall is widely used and now let’s discuss how to do the Great Wall Team Building Game.

Standard Great Wall Equipment JP offered is 4m*3m*4m, which is much higher than a normal adult man. When starting, all group members standing at bottom of the equipment are required to climb upward to the top platform.

team building, outbound, low ropes
Usually, the group consists of no less than 6 persons, both men and women are included. A good solution is to allow one strong man to standing on shoulders of another men, strive to hold top border, and then climb to the top platform. After that, the first man help to pull the second man up. And the last two persons should be men, too, because they will have less support from the team at the bottom area, only pulling strength offered ahead.

There’re 3 key factors in whole challenge: support, strength, and desire. Support is got from rest of your team, they shoulder you up and protect you from falling down to the ground. Strength is the power you can summon from your body, which is necessary when you climbing upward and help others. Desire is how much the team want to success, which drive them to go forward.
team building, outbound, low ropes
To do Great Wall Team Building, everyone involves and plays an important role from the beginning to the end, no matter he is climbing, shouldering others, pulling up, or protecting others. Once the last one make it, we always hear a loud hallelujah, and everyone is so happy.

Apart from Great Wall, JP supplies lots of other team building equipment, including high ropes, low ropes, adventure ropes, etc. If you’re interested to purchase, feel free to contact us.
team building, outbound, low ropes

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