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Introduction to Adventure Tower Climbing Wall

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Tired of traditional rock climbing wall? Wanna try something new and exciting as well as full of challenge outdoor? If yes, you should learn something about JP’s Adventure Tower Climbing Wall.

adventure tower, climbing wall, rock climbing wall
Looked similar to JP Climb fun climbing wall, the adventure tower climbing wall, also named climbing tower, consist of 4 surfaces which provide 4 different activities for you to challenge.

Standard adventure tower climbing wall is totally 15.5m high from ground and the platform is 12m high from the ground. Usually, the four surfaces are advised to be equipped with 4 different challenge activities, for example, fun climbing wall with WOW factors, rappelling or abseiling, leap of faith, free fall, rock climbing wall, etc. And all the activities can be customized.

Located outdoor, the adventure tower climbing wall makes traditional fun climbing walls available outdoor, and combined with other challenge elements, it’s more attractive and covers a smaller space, which is important for those playground owner whose site space is limited.
adventure tower, climbing wall, rock climbing wall
Adventure tower climbing wall is a kind of nice attraction, suitable for schools, entertainment center, adventure park, leisure park, resorts, team building playground, zoos, theme park, etc. And if you’re interested in building one, feel free to contact us anytime.
adventure tower, climbing wall, rock climbing wall

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