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Military And Police Base Built in December

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The military and police training base consisting of obstacle course, high ropes course and climbing wall designed and built by Ropesadventure in several cities has recently been completed. Here are some different customer groups to introduce to you.
ropes course,climbing wall, obstacle course
Public security system: There are many types of projects in public security construction, including obstacle course, shooting and climbing equipment. The obstacles are further subdivided into five special police and 100-meter obstacle races. The shooting class can be divided into shooting tire room and indoor assault attack room. At the same time, the climbing is mainly the outdoor climbing building and indoor climbing wall.
ropes course,climbing wall, obstacle course
Armed police system: The subjects of the construction of the armed police system are more representative of the physical anti-terrorism training frame. At the same time of psychological training, they pay more attention to physical training and continuity of training.
ropes course,climbing wall, obstacle course
Troops system: The 400m obstacle course is a little different from conventional equipment. Because it is mobile, it effectively solves the problem of insufficient venues in the camp. The psychological behavior training frame is also a relatively large number of projects after the reorganization of the troops. High ropes course, climbing wall, and outward bound equipment are all included.

If you are interested in these equipment, please feel free to contact us.
ropes course,climbing wall, obstacle course

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