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Mother’s Day 2019 in JP Development

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Mother’s Day 2019, every Second Sunday of May, will come tomorrow. And on this morning, May 11, 2019, JP held a tiny sharing session to celebrate it, as well as to remind everyone to love their mom and wife more.

The session started with a poetry recitation named To Dear Mom. 3 male members from JP Development, Mr. Wan, Mr. Yang, and Mr. Wu, recalled times with mother from childhood to now, shown their love and gratitude to mom, and wish a happier day to every mom.

mother's day 2019, JP Development, gift for mother
Then we watched a video, which records an interview with moms who works in JP Development. Every mom looks happy when talk about life with their kids, though there are lots of hard times and troubles. Before becoming a mom, we live at will, but after having a baby, we behave ourselves to influence them better. We seem to be week but always strong when children need us...

We’re touched. Then we shared stories about own mother, stories about wife and kids, as well as good wishes to our aging parents. We hope they can be healthy forever, happy everyday, and hope ourselves can be more and more excellent, so that parents can worry about us less and less.
mother's day 2019, JP Development, gift for mother
At the end, we distributed little present to every mother employee. Hope the present, a photo frame, can keep the most beautiful time for every mother.

Happy Mother’s Day! And never forget to say “I love you 3 thousand times” to your mom.
mother's day 2019, JP Development, gift for mother

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