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New Playground for New Semester

Date: 2018-02-24 Share Us:

After hard work in full swing including production and installation, the new playground JP Development built for Beijing Haidian District No.3 Experimental Primary School finally finished construction and can be put into use for kids new spring semester 2018.

With colorful panels, the outdoor climbing wall is a main part of the whole playground. With right height and challenge level, this kind of bouldering wall provide a safe environment for kids to develop their physical strength, agility and strong will.

playground equipment, climbing wall, bouldering wall
Rope Net Hill, which looks like a small steep hill, is a challenge program with moderate challenge level for kids. To Get to the peak point, participants should use both feet and hands to climb up on the soft rope net, how painstaking!
playground equipment, climbing wall, bouldering wall
Apart from program above, to satisfying kids’ naive nature, there’re also several equipment which are more interesting and attractive for kids, for example, seesaw, swing, tire swing, etc.
playground equipment, climbing wall, bouldering wall
Hope the new playground would provide kids in this school with more fun and healthy body.

If you’re interested in equipment above, feel free to consult us.

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