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New Students Camp Is Coming

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“Hard Work Pays Off.” Now let’s check the new project of Guangzhou Nanfengshan Students Camp, which is designed and built by JP Development, and to be put into operation at the beginning of the new year.

camp, adventure park, high ropes, climbing wall
Located in Guangzhou, China, Nanfengshan Students Camp enjoys green plantings even in Winter, which make it always full of vitality. It will serve teenager students in Guangzhou and help them to better develop themselves, including strong willpower, physical strength, as well as leadership, etc.

Equipment here can be grouped into 5 categories, including High Ropes Challenge Equipment, Rock Climbing Equipment, Low Ropes Equipment, Obstacle Course Equipment and treetop adventure course.

The High Ropes Challenge Course Equipment is 12m high, consists of 6 high elements and 1 rock climbing wall. With it, participants will test their nerves, finish individual and team work in the air, and enjoy the fulfillment after success.
camp, adventure park, high ropes, climbing wall
Rock Climbing Wall is a necessity in camp with Wall Climbing being a new Olympic Sport, which will be helpful to promote the sport of wall climbing wall. In Nanfengshan Camp, there’re various climbing walls, for example, lead climbing wall, bouldering wall and polyhedral climbing wall. They are designed to train climbing techniques as well as increase fun of leisure climbing. It’s supposed that the climbing walls here can be an enlightenment for many kids.
camp, adventure park, high ropes, climbing wall
JP offers 100+ low ropes elements for customers to choose, and there’re rich low ropes activities for students to try in Nanfengshan Camp. They offer more chances for kids to cooperate with each other to finish assignment outdoor and develop their skills of problem solving. Obstacle course here are all made of wood mainly, to create natural challenge atmosphere for skills.
camp, adventure park, high ropes, climbing wall
And considering trees protection, treetop adventure course is built based on artificial trees JP offered. On one hand, we protect young trees here well, on the other hand, students are excited to try the treetop challenge course because they have little opportunity to try tree challenge elements in city.
camp, adventure park, high ropes, climbing wall
Apart from promoting student’s social education, this camp is also able to work as an adventure park open to the public, considering there are so many adventure challenge elements.

JP Development has 13 years’ successful experience in designing, manufacturing, and construction of camp and adventure park equipment. Contact us at once, if you have such kind of plans.
camp, adventure park, high ropes, climbing wall

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