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Obstacle Course Categories JP Offered

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With the popularity of various spartan race events, obstacle course is known by more and more people. There are rich types of obstacle course, for example, aerial obstacle course, inflatable obstacle course, mud obstacle course, and land obstacle course. Today let’s learn the obstacle course categories of land obstacle course JP Offered.

Usually, we divided our obstacle course facilities into 3 categories according to supposed function: Military Obstacle Course, Commercial Obstacle Course, and Children’s Obstacle Course.

Military Obstacle Course
Also known as army obstacle course, the military obstacle course is mainly used by armies for training, including physical strength and agility, teamwork spirit and endurance, problem solving skills and tactics for different tasks, etc. JP’s military obstacle courses involve obstacles require solders to climb, crawl, keep balance, jump, cooperate and compete with each other.

obstacle course, military obstacle course, children's obstacle course
Commercial Obstacle Course
JP supply commercial obstacle course mainly to resort, adventure park, leisure venue, zoo, and so on. And function of commercial obstacle course is to offer leisure fun. Features of JP’s commercial obstacle course are rustic styles and exotic designs, which make them complement terrific with the surroundings.
obstacle course, military obstacle course, children's obstacle course
Children’s Obstacle Course
Children’s obstacle courses in JP are usually used for training of children in schools, camps, outward bound field, etc., including individuals and teams. children’s obstacle course is featured with less-difficult level and fun while training. And with these equipment, children’s ability of running, balance, agility, confidence, cooperation, etc. will be developed.
obstacle course, military obstacle course, children's obstacle course
If categorized by target groups, JP’s obstacle course can be divided into human obstacle course and dog obstacle course. And all the obstacle course facilities can be categorized into wood-structure obstacle course and steel-structure obstacle course if according to main structure materials.

No matter what criteria you use to categorize obstacle course products, remember that the best one is what satisfy your need most when you buy and build. JP Development is a professional obstacle course manufacturer and builder with 12-year history, and if you plan to purchase obstacle course, feel free to contact us for tailor-made solution.
obstacle course, military obstacle course, children's obstacle course

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