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Partially Completed Cases In November

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There is one month left in 2018, and the fourth quarter is the season of harvest. In the past November, JP’s equipment spread all over the country. Do you want to know what police training is? Want to know the difference in training between the armed police and the troops? I will tell you in detail in the form of illustrations and texts. The pictures in this article are all from the military and police bases built by JP in November.

In Jilin: When other places are still cheering for the first snow, we don't remember how many times it snowed during the construction process. But looking at the built-up obstacle course and ropes course are so beautiful, everything is worth it.
ropes course, obstacle course, climbing wall
In Sichuan: A "psychological, physical training frame" successfully trained and accepted. The equipment contains a total of 19 high-altitude projects. The advantages of the equipment are many projects, small footprint and strong continuity.
ropes course, obstacle course, climbing wall
In Guangxi: In a military academy, the weather here is obviously warmer and the projects are very different. It is more challenging than the 400-meter obstacle course.
ropes course, obstacle course, climbing wall
In Henan: In a military quality training base, the site is small, but high ropes course, climbing wall, outward bound equipment, 100-meter obstacle course, as many! Plan projects properly and make the most of the space possible. From pre-design to post-construction, we are professional! Please feel free to contact us if you need it.
ropes course, obstacle course, climbing wall

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