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Protection System for JP Ropes Course

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Ropes Course, also named high ropes, challenge course, adventure course, is a popular adventure attraction worldwide, which is great for indoor playground and outdoor adventure park. It offers adventurous fun to participants based on secured safety, but do you know how it secures the safety?

As a professional manufacturer of ropes course for 12 years, JP Development has developed 4 protection systems for our ropes course products, and details are as follows:

1.Tracking System Protection System
A tracking system protection system, as its name shows, features itself with the hexagon tracking routes and assured safety. With tracking system, participants wearing harness are connected to beams by lanyard and roller. They can set their challenge route freely and in the future, if owner want to update the existing ropes course, add more challenge high elements, it will be easy with the tracking system.

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2.Linear Protection System
Linear protection system is widely used in linear ropes course, which is similar to tracking system ropes course, but just offer one settled challenge route for challengers. JP offer two kinds of linear protection system: continuous linear protection system and noncontinuous linear protection system. With JP’s continuous linear protection system, participants do not have to open and lock their hooks which connect himself with the cord, they just focus on the challenge elements, which is much safer compared with noncontinuous linear protection system.
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3.Net Protection System
Net protection system protects ropes course players with nets. All the high ropes elements and platforms were wrapped with nets and once participants fall down, the nets will hold him to prevent him from falling down to ground. Net Protection system is a supplement to the tracking system and linear system, and just recommended when the project site for ropes course is special. With net protection system, all the net should be inspected daily and maintenance cost is little high.
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4.Mat Protection System
Mat Protection System works only for ground-level ropes course, which means the ropes course challenge elements is no higher than 50cm, and target participants of this kind ropes course are toddlers. With mat protection system, ropes course participants do not have to wear harness and can start their challenge from anywhere of the ropes course.
ropes course, high ropes, ropes course supplier
Every protection system has its advantages and when you plan to purchase JP’s ropes course, just tell our sales your project details, then we will recommend the most suitable protection system for you. Inquire us anytime when you have a question about installing a ropes course.
ropes course, high ropes, ropes course supplier

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