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Team Building Playground in Campus

Date: 2019-12-10 Share Us:

East China University of Technology, located in Jiangxi Province, built a team building playground recently with JP Development’s help, and now the new playground finished construction and come into use.

Established in 1956, and aiming to supply scientific elites to society, East China University of Technology asked JP Development to design and build a team building playground for students, to promote their overall development. And after checking project site, discussing special requirement with university, JP came up with a customized solution for them, which fully utilizes its limited space and includes more facilities with reasonable layout.

team building, outward bound, camp
This team building playground mainly consists of low ropes and obstacle course, for example, stimulating electric grid, blind bridge, plum piles, and aerial obstacle course set. After installation, JP send coach to offer training for students and teachers, and all after-sales service will be certainly ensured.
team building, outward bound, camp
JP has been engaged in experiential education more than 12 years by supplying experiential education equipment, and he’s professional in designing and manufacturing various team building equipment. If you’re planning a team building playground, outward bound base, camp, etc. Please feel free to contact us for tailor-made solution.
team building, outward bound, camp

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