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Team Building Playground Ready to Work

Date: 2019-04-30 Share Us:

Before the International Labour’s Day, another team building playground, located in Jiangsu, China, designed and built by JP Development, finished construction and is ready to work.

team building equipment, high ropes, low ropes
Aiming to train participants’ team work spirit, as well as train their physical strength, self-confidence and courage, this team building playground consists both high ropes and low ropes.

High Ropes
This multifunctional high ropes with rock climbing wall offer 8 challenge elements to be challenged, which are required to be done in the air. It test participants’ courage and some of the challenge elements should be finished based on cooperation.
team building equipment, high ropes, low ropes
Low Ropes
Low ropes course here include the great wall and trust back fall, which are classical team building programs. There are also low ropes course which are interesting while you challenge it, for example, plum flower piles, stimulated electric web and hanging tires, etc. All the low ropes course are effective in training.
team building equipment, high ropes, low ropes
JP Development has been supplying team building equipment to more than 1000 customers, and if you’re interested in building a team building playground, feel free to ask JP’s help.
team building equipment, high ropes, low ropes

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