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Nice Team Building Trip

Date: 2021-05-11 Share Us:

In order to improve the cohesion between team members,today the JP Development held an annual employee development training.Let's enjoy a beautiful team trip together!
In the morning, company members arrived at the meeting point on time. Then we took the bus to the training camp.Happy laughter along the way.

After arriving at the training camp, the instructor told us about the precautions during training.Our whole team is serious and tidy.

Next is the exciting high ropes course challenge.Before the challenge, every challenger was very nervous. In the end they overcame their inner fears and challenged successfully.

We have also done a lot of team training, which has greatly promoted the trust between our teams.Each member has formed a sense of identity with the team and his own in his heart. We have learned to communicate with each other and work together.
After this event, the company achieved the goal of enhancing cooperation between employees.It makes everyone gain a lot.

JP Development not only provide ropes course adventure equipment,also supply a series of climbing wall.These are very popular with our customers.
If you want to customize, we can help you design the whole process. Hurry up and welcome to consult.

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