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Test Your Team With the Concentric Stick

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The concentric stick game is an interactive game that looks simple but not easy to operate. Through this game, you can also understand the key points of teamwork. It is a good quality development game.

This game sounds simple, but it's not the same when you play it. There are usually a lot of people who violate the rules, so teamwork and skills are important.
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It is mainly to examine the team spirit of the people, and the spirit of not giving up, and the trainers can also emphasize the importance of communication, the importance of order and the attitude of everyone.

The rules of the game are: the participants stand in two columns and the two teams face each other. Everyone lifts their hands and is flush with their brows, each with only one index finger. Put a thin stick between the two columns, all participants hold the straight stick under the index finger, then slowly descend, and finally put the straight stick on the ground. During this period, everyone's index finger can't be separated from the straight stick. You must always stick to the straight stick. Otherwise, the game will fail and you need to start again.
climbing wall, ropes course, outward bound equipment
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climbing wall, ropes course, outward bound equipment

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