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The Treetop Course Was Completed in Chaling County

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In recent years, many scenic spots, resorts, and camps have begun to popularize treetop course, because this project is very popular among kids and adults. Recently a treetop course in Chaling County was designed,produced and built by Ropesadventure. It contains a lot of projects.

Spider-Man: It can exercise the arm and lateral movement ability of the participants. Let it experience Spider-Man's crawling movements and satisfy childhood wishes.
treetop course, ropes course, climbing wall
Over the hill: Participants need to pass the planks and arched wooden bridges that are laid on the wire rope. Exercise the balance of the participants. Projects that resemble hills can give the experience more imagination.
treetop course, ropes course, climbing wall
Decoding DNA: The experiencer holds the protective rope and steps on the twisted boardwalk. The board will tilt during the advancement, the participant should immediately adjust the position, move the center of gravity, and climb over to the other side. Exercise participants' physical balance and ability to respond quickly when encountering difficulties. Let the participants know that every way has a way to pass it. When we encounter difficulties, we must keep calm and think positively.

Ropesadventure is a company integrating design, production, installation and after-sales. If you want to build a treetop course, please do not hesitate to contact us.
 treetop course, ropes course, climbing wall

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