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Top 5 Theme Park Brands in China

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From tomorrow, Apr. 29, 2018 to May 1, 2018, the annual Labor’s Day Holiday is coming here in China, is it same with you in your country?

Different from workdays, holidays offer us a chance to rest, to visit friends, to travel, and to enjoy excitement, adventure and have fun in various parks freely. Now, let JP introduce the Top 5 Theme Park Brands here in China, who built most amusement parks for Chinese scattered all over the whole nation.

No. 1 Disney
Own by Walt Disney, the brand of Disney was founded in 1926 in USA. And the Walt Disney now is the leading cross-media entertainment corporation, and one of the world fortune 500 companies, whose Disneyland has been built worldwide, including China.
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No. 2 Chimelong Happy World

Own by Guangzhou Changlong Group Co., Ltd, the brand Chimelong Happy World has build many comprehensive entertainment park in China, including the famous Chimelong Water Park, Chimelong Paradise, etc.
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No. 3 Happy Valley
Created by OCT Group Co., Ltd., Happy Valley is a famous theme park in China, and the Happy Valley has been built in many cities, for example, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, etc.
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No. 4 Fantawild Adventure

Own by Shenzhen Huaqiang Fanta Culture Technology Group Co., Ltd, Fantawild Adventure Parks are featured with sci-fi and anime elements, which are popular among young people.
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No. 5 Ocean Park
Founded in 1977 and located in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Ocean Park is featured with the theme of Ocean. Its ocean aquarium and theme parks are famous in Southeastern Asia.
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JP Development design and offer various adventure playground equipment for various theme parks, and if you are interested in build adventure playground, feel free to contact us.

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