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Indoor Bouldering

Indoor Bouldering, as a wall let climbers work on technique while getting stronger, is a fantastic full-body work-out, but more importantly, it’s a lot of fun. In bouldering, problems are solved together: climbers work on difficult passages and refine complex sequences as a team so that it’s ideal for both teenagers and adults.

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  • 1.Small footprint

  • 2.Moderate height and safety mats protect participants from grievous injury if sudden falling-down happened.

  • 3.Multiple climbing path for participants to choose, more interesting and challenging

  • 4.More colors and creative outlooks to choose, which is helpful in attracting youngsters and adults climbers

  • 5.Easy to install, low investment and high returns.

  • 6.Multi-functional, and can be installed in climbing gyms, pre-schools, schools, physiotherapy facilities, outward bound training centers, etc.


Indoor Bouldering
Material Lauan, Fiberglass, etc.
Panel Size 1220mm*2440mm per panel
Grips Number 20/m²
Color Customized
Difficulty Customized


  • 1.How to start and carry forward my bouldering wall project?

    Usually, the whole project will be carried forward following the flowchart below:

  • 2.How to install the indoor bouldering wall at my project site?

    There’re 3 options for you to choose:

    1)JP sends engineer to your project site to guide your workers to install.

    2)JP sends workers to your project site to install.

    3)You install the equipment according to JP’s Installation Manual.

  • 3.Do I need to buy additional belay system for my bouldering wall?

    Actually no. With standard bouldering wall JP offered, no belay system is required and all you need are safety mats which will be laid on the ground at the bottom of the bouldering wall.


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