Polyhedral Climb

With its iconic, geometric shape, impressive size and professional climbing grips, a Polyhedral on your playground will draw kids like a magnet. POLYHEDRAL CLIMB is all about instant action and involvement. With its “modern sculpture” appearance, POLYHEDRAL CLIMB is a perfect fit for urban environments.

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  • Safety: with height ranging from 2m to 3.6m, the polyhedral climb offers a safe environment for participants to play without falling injury risk, which is similar to bouldering walls.

  • Impressive Outlook: with colorful panels and iconic outlook, the polyhedral climb looks eye-catching and supposed to be popular among teenagers.

  • FUN: the geometric shaped polyhedral climb is versatile in formation, and different balls will generate amazing fun for participants.

  • Easy Install: Just Bolt to floor or concrete casting will be ok when installing

  • Flexible in Application: It can be located for fun in family entertainment center, zoo, school, playground, park, shopping mall, restaurant, hotel, resorts, gym, etc.


Polyhedral Climb
Number of Balls 1 2 3 4 5 6
Max Fall Height 2m 2m 3.5m 3.5m 3.55m 3.6m
Total Height 2m 2m 3.5m 3.5m 3.55m 3.6m
Safety Zone 28m2 38m2 49m2 56.1m2 65.5m2 72m2
Participants Age 5-15 years old
Main Color Dark Grey, Orange, Yellow, Green, etc.
Material Compact Board, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass Holds
Site Condition Indoor and Outdoor


  • 1.How to start and carry forward my polyhedral climb project?

    Usually, the whole project of constructing polyhedral climb will be carried forward following the flowchart below:

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  • 2.How to install the polyhedral climb on my project site?

    There’re 3 options for you to choose:

    1)JP sends engineer to your project site to guide your workers to install.

    2)JP sends workers to your project site to install.

    3)You install the equipment according to JP’s Installation Manual.

  • 3.What’s your service for the polyhedral climb?

    JP’s services can include but not limited to: architecture and design, engineering, transportation, installation, route setting, maintenance training.


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