Challenge AdventureTower

As the fourth Hourglass Challenge Adventure Tower established globally, this tailor-made challenge tower contains more challenge course elements compared with all the previous 3. If someone wants to try a Hourglass Challenge Tower with most excitement, go to Thailand to have it.

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  • Efficient use of land space with high throughput designs

  • Low labor and maintenance requirements

  • Ideal Equipment for Teambuilding, esp. confidence construction

  • Rich challenge course elements are more thrilling and attractive.


Hourglass Challenge Adventure Tower
Main Challenge Tower
Height 24m (Total 36m with Lightning Rod)
Elements Number 24
Layers 6
Aerial Ropes Course
Elements Number 32
Layers 2
Zip Line
Number 1
Length 200m
Rappelling Height 24m
Vertical Limit Height 24m


  • 1.How to start and carry forward my project?

    Usually, the whole project will be carried forward following the flowchart below:

    Challenge Adventure Tower, high ropes challenge course, high wire course, sky ropes
  • 2.How to install the customized equipment?

    There’re 3 options for you to choose:

    1)JP sends engineer to your project site to guide your workers to install.

    2)JP sends workers to your project site to install.

    3)You install the equipment according to JP’s Installation Manual.


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