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Professional Climbing Experience from Head Coach Toni Roy

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 Rock climbing wall, as a niche extreme sport, which will add a stylish and cool new attitude to the National Games by its viewing, challenging and novelty. 
Toni Roy, who is the national head coach of rock climbing, gave us a very rich experience in rock climbing guidance.

“Rock climbing requires experience and skill, because it is not a repetitive exercise, it is complicated, and it’s not enough to just be strong”, he said, comparing it with gymnastics with prescribed action, the movements of rock climbing are much more complicated. In the game, to crack a line in a short time, experience is essential. There is only one way to get experience: climb, and climb a route that is similar to the current world-class competition style.
Climbing an artificial climbing wall is a comprehensive consideration of athletes. In addition to physical fitness, psychological quality is also very important. Fourteen years of working with top athletes told him that in order to have an excellent performance in the game, he relies on the accumulation of hard training, usually do his best, enjoy the process on the field, and not just stare at the results.
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