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Amazing Real Artificial Climbing Wall From JP

Date: 2021-06-15 Share Us:

 We all know that after the Winter Olympics, rock climbing wall is now one of the most popular sports in the world, JP has made a lot of efforts to improve the details from design, production to installation.

Now we have upgraded the inkjet technology to a new level. In order to provide players with a better experience on climbing, we can not only provide different color blocks, but also inkjet them on our modular GRP panels based on pictures of real landscape characters, so that it can be assembled into a “real” artificial rock climbing wall to give all players more authentic experience.

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This picture is based on a very famous mountain in China-Changbai Mountain, after the entire installation is finished, a real mountain stands in front of you, it is amazing effect, as if we are climbing a real steep peak in Changbai Mountain, it gives players more excitement and at the same time more easy to climb with more security

Do you want to build a real rock climbing wall to get different experience? Offer us a mountain picture, JP gives you a real Artificial Climbing Wall! Send us inquiry now!

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