Challenge Course Complex with Cafe Zone

This customized Challenge Course Complex with Cafe Zone, which consists of Main Challenge Course, JP Climb Climbing Wall, Zip Line, was tailor made according to client’s specific requirements, and supposed to be the unique one in Middle East area.

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  • Efficient use of land space with high throughput designs

  • Low labor and maintenance requirements

  • Covering most popular challenge course elements, attractive to more participants

  • Special Leisure Area makes pleasant time available for participants who just finish the challenge course

  • Considerate Shade for the top of the challenge course complex makes the whole equipment more reasonable, supplying visitors a wonderful aerial leisure cafe zone.


Challenge Course Complex with Cafe Zone
Main Challenge Course
Space Cover About 439 square meters
Elements Number 108
Levels 3
JP Climb Climbing Wall
Number 25
Height 12m
Zip Line
Number 4
Length 250m each
Quick Jump Height 12m


  • 1.How to start and carry forward my project?

    Usually, the whole project will be carried forward following the flowchart below:

    challenge course, aerial obstacle course, adventure park ropes course, zipline adventure course
  • 2.How to install the customized equipment?

    There’re 3 options for you to choose:

    1)JP sends engineer to your project site to guide your workers to install.

    2)JP sends workers to your project site to install.

    3)You install the equipment according to JP’s Installation Manual.


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