Ropes Challenge Course VI

Ropes challenge course for sale, offered by established rope course manufacturer JP, featured with unique high rope activities, utilization of space and amazing fun, is a new kind of popular adventure playground equipment. With 10-year experience JP will offer u excellent solution for your high ropes course project.

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  •  Widely placed: the ropes challenge course can be placed indoor and outdoor, suitable for zoos, adventure parks, shopping malls, recreational resorts, family entertainment centers, camps, schools, etc.

  •  More elements can be installed with the Tracking system, to make full use of the whole adventure course and participants are able to choose challenge course routes freely.

  •  The small footprint operation tracking system enables you to extend your adventure ropes course operation space easily by adding more poles and challenge elements when your business expands.

  •  Low Adventure ropes course maintenance cost: steel frame are more durable and the adventure course is engineered to withstand extreme weather, which is secured by JP’s production technology

  •  Excellent ROI: high ropes course engineered for maximum efficiency and excellent re-sale value

  • Large market audience appeal: the multi-layer adventure high ropes courses are suitable for all ages with beginners to expert level segregation


Ropes Challenge Course VI Indoor Outdoor
Material High Strength Steel, Pine Wood, Polypropylene Wire Rope, Static Rope, etc. High Strength Steel, Wood (Pine/Bankirai), Polypropylene Wire Rope, etc.
Poles Number 9 9
Elements Number 15 15
Axis Distance 3.4m (Customization Available) 6m (Customization Available)
Layer 1 (2&3 Available) 1 (2&3 Available)
Platform Height 1.8m (Customization Available) 3.3m (Customization Available)
Total Height 4.2m (Subject to Platform Height) 6.3m (Subject to Platform Height)
Participants at Same Time 1-30 1-30
Operators Needed 2-4 2-4
Technology Powder Coating Powder Coating
Warranty 1 year for main structure 1 year for main structure


  • 1.How to start and carry forward my project?

    Usually, the whole project will be carried forward following the flowchart below:

    Adventure ropes Course, adventure course, high low ropes, ropes challenge course
  • 2.How to install the equipment?

    There’re 3 options for you to choose:

    1)JP sends engineer to your project site to guide your workers to install.

    2)JP sends workers to your project site to install.

    3)You install the equipment according to JP’s Installation Manual.

  • 3.Are your ropes challenge course equipment designed for children or adults?

    Our ropes challenge courses are great for both children and adults. And we can also design the equipment for children or adult respectively as you required.


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